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My name is Irene Y. Lu. I am a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT #86374), a firm believer in human rights and an ally for LGBT community. I use empathy, unconditional positive regards, humor, insight meditation, and embodied yoga movement in all the collaborative work with my clients. I offer strength-based counseling for adolescents, individual adults, and families who want to find solutions, in attaining a greater sense of purpose, and be at peace at home and in the heart.

When you are in psychotherapy with me, you will never hear me say “go this way,” or “make a turn here.” The journey you choose to embark on may be rocky and painful at times. It will have ups and downs and even many repeats. However, you are not alone. As your therapist, I will walk alongside with you. There will be all kinds of milestones for you to observe, to cherish and to discard. Hopefully, at the end, you will find this journey rewarding: to know yourself better and have a clearer vision of where to go next.

We will look at the issues you want to address and expand from there. We will establish the goals and work at your pace. We will also review and readjust our objectives when it’s called for. Whether it is work-related stresses, childhood trauma, sexual and/or racial identity issues, problems with romantic or family relationships, cultural and/or generational family patterns, we will explore whatever your heart desires. I believe that a genuine, direct experience with the therapist who is the right fit for you can facilitate your transformation that you seek in life.

In addition to my MFT training, my background in pharmaceutical/biotech, real estate industries and experiences with family members facing cancer, dementia, and hospice have made me sensitive to challenges you might encounter. “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” This Rumi quote embodies the passion I live by professionally. I believe in helping my clients live life fully, guiding and supporting them through hardships, processing simple or complex traumatic experiences and/or past abuse, and promoting ‘Here and Now’ so they can embrace love and inner peace. I also hope by practicing walking on my own path conservatively and mindfully, I would inspire the same for my clients.

Your therapy is all about you!! Contact me for FREE 20-min phone consultation and I would be honored if you are interested in working with me.

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