namesake & vision

Life is difficult. We all make our own path through life: using our wits, smarts, failed attempts, guidance and triumphs. There are no instructions to follow and definitely no easy answers. Needless to say, managing our emotional life is even more complex, if not tougher. The right choice for one may be the wrong decision for another.

Also like life, the counseling process will simulate series of concentric circles expanding out from the core, and only when we peel further, dig deeper, and look inwards to learn self-compassion, will we be able to transform our lives. Regardless of the issues, fears and self-doubts, there is something YOU can do about it.

Lotus Circle Counseling Services is intended to be that place where YOU, our client, could feel safe, while having a trained professional to listen to you, to support you, to coach you and to talk things through. We provide counseling (traditional psychotherapy) for adolescents, individual adults, couples and families from a framework of the family life cycle and through the lens of the larger social-cultural context. We strive to promote understanding of individuality and togetherness, in external relationships and within ourselves. We also provide an embodied holistic healing art* (Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy), by using yoga postures and therapeutic approaches to deepen our client’s awareness and presence.

Lotus Circle Counseling Services is designed to support the discovery and well-being of our clients and their families, however the composition it might be. Our approach is holistic, seeing the whole person, integrating individual’s mind, body, emotions and spirit. We also are committed to be the bridge, communicating between partners, generations and cultures.

Lotus Circle as living mandala (a circle) whose central inspiration is the Lotus, since it is viewed as a sacred plant for purity and grace, and a symbol of perseverance and futility. It is rooted in mud, grown through the resistance of water, and then bloomed in the clear sky while bearing seeds at the same time. Its effort is well admired and respected in eastern cultures and Buddhism philosophy. And here at Lotus Circle Counseling Services, that is also what we believe in and wish for: for all the clients who walk in the door and decide to take on the journey to embrace the opportunity for growth, for change, and for enhanced well-being in body, mind, emotions and spirit.

*Irene Lu, LMFT is currently a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner-in-training.

Lotus Circle Counseling